Our Story

Steve is a Yooper finally making his way back to God’s country.  Growing up in the Marquette area, Steve realized a dilemma most Yooper’s eventually face… to pursue a career, or to pursue a Yooper way of life.  Steve made that hard decision to venture out of the U.P. in search of that career. While that path has been a very rewarding and fulfilling one, Steve has always longed in his heart for a final return home to “Da U.P.” ever since.  

As an avid hunter, fisherman, forager, and outdoorsman, Steve has always returned to the U.P. year after year, sometimes for the day, sometimes spanning weeks.  His heart yearns for anything outdoors.  In fact, if he is not actively working on the property, you’re more likely to bump into him on the trails or on the water than you are anywhere else.

After a career of over 35 years in the food service industry as both a business owner and Executive Chef, Steve is bringing that wealth of knowledge and experience back to the Northwoods to offer a new level of cuisine and service to the shores of Lake Gogebic.

Jen is now officially a retired math teacher with 23 years of experience in her field.  She has a heart to serve others, to share knowledge, to brighten days and bring out the best in those she meets.  And while Jen is a teacher by trade, she also has some background in the food service industry.

Jen has a genuine love for people and the social engagement that comes with it.  At the same time, she appreciates and enjoys getting lost in untouched surroundings and becoming one with nature.  So far, the Boundary Waters is the most peaceful and beautiful place she has been.

My simple analogy I often use when I explain Jen’s personality is to imagine a puppy meeting a new friend for the first time. When Jen meets new people, you can tell on the inside, her tail is wagging.  Jen also has one of those bigger-than-life smiles that warms people’s heart.  It comes from a place of joy, peace, and a desire to share with others.

Together… We are retired from our main professions, semi-retired now, and about to embark on what we love: spending time in the wilderness, trying new things, and fully engaged and eager to serve guests within our new community and those that visit from afar.  We sincerely look forward to the next adventures, stories, and friendships that will be built in the years ahead.

Tight Lines.

Steve & Jen Moore

**Lacey, the 14 year old yellow lab (who has the 4-bedroom cabin named after her) has joined us on this move as well. She is a lover. And, if the now adult children, Arianna and Gabriel, happen to visit, we will all be blessed with their humor and energy.

Jen and Steve next to a creek in Northfield, MN in early autumn.
Jen with Steve photobombing with moose antlers in the North Shore, MN
Jen and Steve hiking in the winter in the U.P.
Steve and Jen at a park in Chaska, MN with Lacey their yellow lab

Create Lasting Memories

Regardless of the many adventures you set off to seek, our resort and lodge is the perfect destination and starting point to forge ahead and create new memories to last a lifetime. 
Let the beauty of the surroundings inspire you, the warmth of our hospitality embrace you, the flavors of our cuisine tease your tastebuds, and the call of nature instill peace and tranquility deep within your soul.