Hunter's Paradise

“A hunter’s paradise” is quite often what you may hear when talking about the opportunities within the Western Upper Peninsula.  With hundreds of thousands of acres right out our back door, many opportunities exist for waterfowl, upland game birds, deer, bear, turkey, and other small game.  We are a perfect destination for hunters just looking for land to hunt.  While we currently do not facilitate hunts, we do have a buck pole for you to use.  We can also help connect you with local area guides, right here on Lake Gogebic.  The opportunities are endless.  If your party is looking to hunt later in the season, please ask about any potential packages we may be able to offer.

Included with your stay with Our Guest House Cabins, you will have access to our private boat launch, your own dock, and access to a limited number of boat lifts.  We also have a fish/game cleaning station with access to enough freezer space to store your game until your departure. (Not including deer or bear.)

For License and regulations, please visit

Diverse Game Species

Lake Gogebic boasts an impressive array of game species, including deer, bear, turkey, and small game. With a variety of hunting seasons, you’ll have ample opportunities to pursue your preferred game.

Vast Wilderness

Explore the vast wilderness surrounding Lake Gogebic, offering endless hunting possibilities. From dense forests to rolling hills and marshlands, the diverse terrain caters to a wide range of hunting styles and preferences.

Tranquil Scenery

Beyond the thrill of the hunt, Lake Gogebic offers captivating scenery that will leave you in awe. Picture yourself surrounded by pristine lakes, towering trees, and serene landscapes that soothe your spirit and make your hunting adventure even more memorable.

Hunting Regulations

Familiarize yourself with the hunting regulations and licensing requirements specific to Lake Gogebic. Stay informed about seasons, bag limits, and any special considerations to ensure compliance with the local laws.