Charter on The Great Lakes

Embark into Lake Superior

Our resort provides easy access to the lake, with private boat launches and docks available exclusively for our guests. Set sail on your own boat or rent one from us, and venture out onto the expansive waters of Lake Gogebic. With over 13,000 acres to explore, you’ll find endless opportunities to discover new fishing hotspots and hidden gems.


Lake Gogebic is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, with its vast expanse of clear waters teeming with a variety of fish species. From trophy-sized walleye and pike to bass, panfish, and more, there’s a catch to satisfy every angler’s dreams.

Northern Pike

If you’re seeking a fierce and aggressive predator, look no further than the northern pike of Lake Gogebic. These toothy predators are known for their explosive strikes and powerful fights. Casting large spoons, spinners, or live bait can entice these mighty fish to strike.

Smallmouth Bass

 Smallmouth bass are known for their aggressive nature, acrobatic jumps, and spirited fights. These feisty fish can be caught using various techniques such as casting crankbaits, soft plastics, or topwater lures near rocky structures and submerged vegetation.

Plan your Hunting Trip


Our accommodations are tailored to cater to the needs of fishermen, providing a comfortable and convenient base for your fishing adventure at Lake Gogebic. Enjoy comfortable beds, fully equipped kitchens, and convenient access to prime fishing territory. After a long day in the wilderness, relax and recharge in our welcoming accommodations.

Boat Rentals and Supplies

Access boat rentals, fishing gear, and bait from local outfitters to make the most of your fishing adventure. Whether you need a motorized boat, kayak, or fishing equipment, Lake Gogebic has you covered.

Fishing Regulations and Licensing

Familiarize yourself with the fishing regulations, licensing requirements, and catch limits specific to Lake Gogebic. Stay informed and ensure a responsible fishing experience while preserving the lake’s ecosystem.

Local Fishing Tips & Resources

Tap into local knowledge by exploring fishing reports, tips, and resources available for Lake Gogebic. Stay updated on the best fishing techniques, recommended bait, and areas where fish are biting to maximize your chances of success.

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